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This blog is the business blog for Citizen Intelligence. Citizen Intelligence’s task in the world is to make your civics experience 1st class and to empower people to be first class citizens in your polities. At present this is a US venture but the principles are global. The business started from an observation, we don’t treat citizens as CEOs. Even though we often pay lip service that they are the ultimate source of authority, we don’t act like it as a society.

The phenomenon has a number of names. Europe has the charming term “democracy deficit” which sums it up about right. In the US we have plenty of democracy but not enough time to exercise it properly and are lacking modern tools to make democratic oversight meaningful. CEOs and other high managers of large and even medium sized business have these tools for their own operations and most of them have open source variants. Technically nothing actually stops us from crafting a 1st class civics experience but there are currently no organizations that adopt modern business tools to the task of creating a user experience to holistically manage the entire job, what Steve Jobs used to talk about when he said Apple made “the whole widget”. Every group out there working on the problem is stovepiped into specialties, an approach that went out of style in the corporate world in the 1980s.

Citizen Intelligence is not a deep pocketed venture, but a lean startup that is working on its first minimum viable product, parts of which will be published on this blog. The blog goal for 2014 is to generate a minimum of one post per day of new content.