Ultimately, the nature of the business is one heavy in network effects so the broader the user base, the better. This is different, however than the customer base, which is those who either directly or indirectly give money to keep the business operational. There the focus necessarily is much narrower. The need for a large number of customers is limited to the requirement of diversifying income sources to avoid an over-reliance on any one customer or contract. A handful or two of customers can be sufficient to avoid that danger. 

In this case, customers are going to come from the ranks of those who care about politics. Fortunately, they self-announce these days in social media, specifically in politically oriented social media.

Every angry article about a political/economic/social injustice is a temporary channel to this customer base with a high propensity of finding people with an itch they want to scratch. The article itself has given them that itch. Citizen Intelligence gives them an opportunity to do more than post a comment. It allows them to create a permanent artifact to educate people and give them the tools to take meaningful action to permanently solve the problem. 

This customer base prospects itself, is widespread, and unlikely to dissipate. There are other potential customer segments, but this is the richest vein and the most reliable.