The first wave of Citizen Intelligence is going to concentrate on the public data sources that governments already provide. The federal government documents its public datasets through Data.gov. At writing there are 88,411 datasets with 349 citizen developed apps to utilize them. That’s a ratio of worse than 24:1 for analysis to datasets. The vast majority of data released to the public is just sitting there without anybody using it. The Citizen Intelligence approach would reverse that with more than one analysis report per data stream. 

In today’s America there is little trust across partisan lines and the center is simply disintegrating over time. We are growing in polarization. But if reports compiled by left wing and right wing partisan both point in the same direction, there is a greater likelihood that what is being reported is trustworthy. Curation of Citizen Intelligence reports will be along multiple criteria including webs of trust. So reports that are trusted by the people you trust will be preferred.