I skipped Seth Sunday and Dataset Monday this week but they’ll be back. They’re needed for an important part of this blog, building out a buffer so that I can take a month vacation for writers block and still hit my goal of a blog post per day. Daily or periodic production runs of an artistic exercise (and blogging is art) practically require a buffer because some days simply are not good days. You spent too much of the day in the ER, busy with something else, or just simply staring at the screen yelling at yourself to go do that writing thing and nothing comes out that is remotely usable. That’s when the buffer comes in. It’s a discipline and a building block for corporate culture.

Today’s goal is to schedule publishing tomorrow’s post and to work out next week’s Dataset Monday which would bring the buffer temporarily to 3 (Seth Sunday for next week is already in the buffer). That would be 10% of the ultimate goal of a 30 day buffer.