Expanding on Monday’s post today I’m getting into the detail of what “A way to pick line charts out of all data sets that have been loaded” means. The goal is to publicly work out a specification of what this MVP looks like.

The ultimate full design would be a library of charting options, something similar to what Excel offers each of which has a wizard for creating the chart. Just reimplementing Excel’s charting on the web does not provide additional value. Plenty of people do that already. The value of Citizen Intelligence is to be able to get value out of the chart without actually looking at the chart. It is putting Sherlock Holme’s curious incident at the center of the process of value creation.

Setting alarms on the chart, alarms that are put at a default by the chart creator or by a chart promoter, but can be individually adjusted by chart consumers in their own personal dashboards lets you set an unlimited number of alarms on an unlimited number of charts without cutting in to the time you devote to civic matters. Once you’ve integrated a report into your dashboard, so long as life goes on as normal, your time commitment is zero.

There is a certain magic to being able to engage in the civic task of government oversight with a zero time commitment that entirely evaporates when that number becomes anything greater than zero. This is a magic that is generally unavailable to ordinary citizens, or even political professionals. Under the present system, pre Citizen Intelligence, if the dog isn’t barking, we have no reason to believe that the dog is alert, the dog is still alive, or that there even is a dog.

Tapping into the magic of creating persistent value that can last through the rest of your life while only expending government oversight time when you integrate it in to your personal dashboard and you when there actually is an alarm is the heart of the value proposition of Citizen Intelligence. It is what makes the concept realistic in its appeal to the public as a freemium consumption item and attractive to customers (not the same group) as something that they are willing to pay for. 

The MVP version would be one chart type, a line chart with 1-2 data series on it and 1-2 alarms, present value too low and too high. The data series would be picked out of the series already loaded into the data warehouse, with an option to engage in an additional step to add a data series.

Follow on steps would include:

1. action steps when the alarms go off, tailored to the individualized roster of governments and politicians that the report consumer has.
2. additional alarms for worrying trends like too steep changes and data discontinuities.
3. influencer interactions with their influenced circles to adjust reports.
4. self-creating voting guides to assist in rating politicians come election time based on the dashboards the individual voter believes are important.