Up to now I’ve been very carefully not coding solutions. It’s not my strength and there were so many other things to do. Since data structures are such a large part of the business, I can get a lot further than most by just doing RAD development and making Filemaker rigs to build out databases that never need to see the light of day and just use them to prototype and work out the problems prior to actually committing to code.

Every time I hit something that Filemaker doesn’t do very well, I’m tempted to ditch this model and code something. When I give into temptation, I quickly remember why I set up this structure at the beginning of the project. The latest temptation is JSON. Filemaker’s JSON facilities are not that robust. In fact, the native capabilities seem nonexistent. So the temptation is to build out some final code in another tool that has better JSON handling facilities.

Let’s see this time how soon the impulse passes.