Seth Sunday’s back and Seth recently took a pointed look at the marketing risk of inventing new words. He downgrades the importance of precision in favor of not making your customers work to hard figuring out your value proposition. If you need to do it because there simply isn’t a way to describe it using familiar words that’s one thing but he’s quite right that sometimes it’s better to adopt a category that is familiar even when it doesn’t cover even a significant minority of what your offering accomplishes.

The iPhone is not a very good phone. That’s because the iPhone is a mobile computer that happens to also be a phone as one of the applications included on it. The market niche for an accurately described iPhone is significantly smaller than the market that it currently occupies.

So what’s the market niche for Citizen Intelligence? It’s a business intelligence product. But like the iPhone as mobile computer, the BI niche is really a great deal smaller than another possible fit, news. Newspapers (news you read), radio (news you hear), and TV (news you watch) are all potential niches. In fact, creating delivery conduits along all three traditional paths are in the plan. In the end, they’re each just a different style of data cube.