In this latest edition of Seth Sundays, Seth takes aim at “good enough” with a recent post but mostly he made me hungry with his ramen soup analogy for marketing. Citizen Intelligence will eventually franchise out into a national operation that provides infrastructure and local operations that will intimately cover their markets. For the local operations, good enough is going to be a distinct improvement on the status quo. It’s something like being in a rural area with very limited retailing and Walmart drops a regional store into the mix. You can (and many have) made the argument that Walmart is not remarkable, not exciting, is sort of a lowest common denominator of stores. But when every other choice is worse, they end up looking pretty good.

Ace hardware is remarkable in its back office operations allowing local hardware stores to survive. If a particular one is locally operated in a remarkable way, that’s something special. But even for the unimaginative local operator, Ace changes something even if the local is the equivalent of an expired pack of Maruchen.