Seth Godin highlights a great way to enhance your tool chest. Whenever you run across an unfamiliar concept or unfamiliar term, take a time out and find out what it means.

Every time you hear an expert use a word or concept you don’t understand, stop her and ask to be taught.  Every time. After just a few interactions, you’ll have a huge advantage over those who didn’t ask.

This ties in to Citizen Intelligence because I envision a similar workflow with Citizen Intelligence. When you read a story about a government foul up that moves you and you want to keep on top of this issue, or you see a particular statistic that you’d like to keep track of but don’t know how to, Citizen Intelligence will offer a platform to make that happen. If somebody’s already set up that metric, you get it for free. If you are the first to do so, you get a way to gather the people and other resources to actually make what you want happen in the real world.